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John & I

Posted By elysemckenna on Feb 11, 2012 at 3:19PM
John & I
I truly believe he was a gift from God. I had previously been going through emotional problems stemming from my Mother, and ex boyfriend. Life for me, was complex and I had given up on a lot of passions I had...until I decided to give God control of my life. I met my husband in November of 2009. He is from NH and had recently moved to FL (where I was living). Within three months of him living in FL. We finally met each other through mutual friends. It's funny because my husband is the most gorgeous guy in the world to me, so I would have known if I saw him before then...and how I didn't meet him right away when we had the same friends, is just weird. Haha. We fell in love immediately. We both have type A personalities, which you would think wouldn't be good. It works perfect for us. We fit together perfectly in so many ways. For example...sports. I am a huge sports fan!!! I grew up watching ALL New England teams (which coincidentally, is where he's from), and I have perfectly good reason. The Boston Red Sox used to Spring Train in Sarasota, FL. I never really got into basketball, so when I had to choose a team for a pool, I picked my favorite color (Green) Boston Celtics. Haha. I have always loved the football players MORE than the teams. Makes more sense to me. I have followed the Patriots for a very long time, because of Randy Moss. This is just ONE tiny example. After ONE MONTH of dating, we decided this was forever! We got pregnant, and he proposed to me. I married him in August of 2010 and our son was born December 1st, 2010. I can't describe the feelings I have for John, because they get more intense daily! I fall deeper in love, every second I look into his eyes! I could go on for days about how great our marriage is, sex life, friendship, and faith...but the bottom line is...I believe in TRUE LOVE! I would hate to see anyone just settle. Hold out for the best, ladies!!!! You prince charming will come around, and when he does...don't let him slip away. Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight."

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Posted By Tosjdjrana on Feb 6, 2012 at 9:18PM

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What boundaries should boyfriends should have with their female friends?

Posted By Tyler Brown on Dec 12, 2011 at 6:16PM

This has been a question I have been very curious about for a long time. What are the right and wrong things a boyfriend should do when having a female friend, so that I can become more comfortable. Right now I cant deal with the fact that my boyfriend has female friends. In the past, these females have said and did some very inappropriate things that make me not trust any of them. I dont think I even need to trust them. I just dont get what their intentions are. I havent felt good about any of this ever. I tell me boyfriend how I feel hoping something would change but it doesnt. He doesnt do anything to make me feel any different. I feel like he tries to defend them alot not trying to hurt their feelings when my feelings are the ones really being hurt. I feel disrespected. I know this situation is a true problem, I dont feel this way for nothing. Im tired of feeling like this. These bitches are getting on my nerves. What should I do about my boyfriends female friends? Let him handle it, or take matters into my own hands? I dont want this to get ugly, but it damn sure can!! HELP!!!

Nectar of the Ceder

Posted By runswimmerrun on Dec 2, 2011 at 11:59AM

Where there used to be a strong heart's slow and steady beat, there now exists a impetuous hummingbird.

Where there used to be two lean legs that could carry me to where I wished to go, there are two pieces of soft taffy, bending out of my control.

Where I once had a brain, firing neurons with alarming efficiency, there is a void filled with delicious cotton candy.

My lips that once pursed with concentration, now feel my lusty, warm breath passing over them with longing.

My eyes that could cast a severe glance when necessary cannot see through the thick perfume raising from the rosewater that has engulfed my entire helpless body.

Did you forget?

Posted By Becca Frank on Nov 20, 2011 at 12:46PM

Remember me?
 I'm the girl that gave a shit when no one else did.
I'm the girl that you could text at any time of the day, about anything.
And I would listen.
I'm the girl that told you that I cared about how you feel.
About, the stupid things you do.
Im the girl that wanted you. But you couldn't see that.
Im the girl that would be true to you.. but you went for her.
Im the girl that told you I would become invisible if you got involved with her.
Im the girl, that's invisible now...
Remember me?
Because I remember everything you ever said to me, and promised me.. and every promise you broke..
You told me I wouldn't become invisble.. but now, that all I am to you.

You are the poet; I am the scribe.

Posted By runswimmerrun on Aug 2, 2011 at 1:39PM

Another day that I will not see

Your face, I close my eyes. You

Somehow appear perfectly

Etched inside my mind

Laughing at the distance

Of time and place which

Vexes our love and challenges

Each injured, breathy word

Spoken to stand resolute. Time

May pass, but take not with

It any morsel of my love, nor

Corrupt the affection I feel in my

Heart. Your body alone, my

Arms embrace, your smile

Enchants me. My lips wait for your

Lips to kiss again, another day.

love or lust

Posted By premo babi on Jul 15, 2011 at 12:20AM

i've been seeing this guy for about 7 months now.. and we're not in a relationship.. he tells girls he talks too that hes single & i have very strong feelings for him.. he give's me mixed signs all the time!!, its either he wants me or he doesnt.. i always get supicious when he stops inboxing me on facebook, ( because i think he's with some other girl ) i feel like i have the right to tell other girls to back off but then again like i said we're not in a relationship & im POSITIVE he see's other women since he met me, i went to go see him this one time and his bed was broken ( GROSS ) and he had hickeys all across his neck, and i feel guilty everytime we sleep togeather.. and idunno i think i love him?? im not soo sure now its just the way he treats me now a days, is this love or just lust?, point blank i just feel used and stupid for letting this go on.. i know it sounds like hes not worth it.. but if you knew how we are when were togeather then you would understand........ but idk im fed up with how things are going between us.

i dump my bf bcoz he is jobless

Posted By planet-v on May 26, 2011 at 11:14PM

im so inlove with him that frm the start i decided to leave everythng for him.i sacrifice my family and my good life for him.but wen we r together i realized that something is wrong.im the one who pay the bills and everythng.i work hard but he is just at home cooking,cleaning and do wat housewive s r doing.its not the man of my dream.i want a guy hu support his family and i shld be the one doing the household.imy feelings change suddenly.hoiw many times i attempt to runaway but wen i saw him,he is soo fuckin sweet and nice and so loving..i cant let go..he has future plans,find a job and then start hes own business.he is so skillful and intelligent but i cant wait...when he will do that promise?its already 6 months but hes not doing anything.i decidedto left and now hs begging me to comeback,he promise to find a job and told me its me he want to get married and he love me so much.he promise to support me.should i give him a chance or not?

now i can tell the story..HE PROPOSED!

Posted By dark chocola on May 21, 2011 at 4:35AM

a year ago, i discussed our future with him citing i want marriage and a family, but he then said he tried this before and failed, apparantly he's not a family man, but we can live together forever, i felt sad because living together means i can't have children (we have to be married in our society). I then took a break to think it over, but i love him so much that i abandoned what i want.so yesterday i was with him preparing to get dressed to go home ( we didn't move in yet), and his back was to me when he asked if i really should go home, i answered yes so he said he has something that might change my mind, turning to face me he (Oh My God) was holding a ring in his hand and said (please be my wife), i was litrary going to faint, he said that he want to be mine and have a family with me and that last time when doctor said i am not pregnant he felt very sad and that was his (uha moment..like your Oprah says) he told me before he don't want to have other children while he's approching 40 (he has one from previous marriage), he said he was sad and shocked he felt that way, he said he doesn't want to "live with me" he wants to live with me for ever, and that everything between us is miraculous the sex, the discussions, the friendship, the compatibility and i sacrafised my hopes and pleasure for his and that what no body tried to do for him before, he said that he found himself ignoring his friends to be with me and that he likes i can chalange his mentality like a guy, he...just said be with me forever, and be with me infront all the people, everytime you leave i feel sad and i misss you so much because i can be myself with you. I don't know what took him a year to discover all that? he was immune against all that, and i couldn't see this coming, he shew me houses he wants me to see, and he said that he never felt the way he feels towards me before ....I am happy. and am crying, i am dancing and just can't control myself, ohhhhh my god, my diet will suffer too!!am so sorry i know Group Therapy is not for such posts but i really don't have anyone and i wanted to share this with someonethank you..thank youPLZ be happy for meoh god am crying again

Scared of what my mom might say

Posted By tracey89 on Apr 11, 2011 at 12:14AM

I am with my boyfriend for 4 months and it has been the worst 4 months of my life. After dating him for 2 months, i realised that we dont click anymore. We never have. And i wanted to end everything because he is just not my type. But my mom had a talk with me and told me that i should stop breaking the guy's hearts but i just cant help the way i feel. I rushed into this relationship. I am still constantly thinking of my ex boyfriend of 2 years.

I need help. Im not happy in my relationship and the only reason why i am with him is because my mom says i should be.

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